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London primary school teacher, Gaby Azagury, founded Learn Happy London Education consultants in 2015. She turned her knowledge into an Education Consultancy to provide a range of services including bespoke private tutoring. As an Education Consultancy, we understand the importance of making the right decisions at every stage of your children’s education. We are therefore committed to improving confidence and self-esteem in all our students. Our aim is to promote inquisitive and independent thinking across all areas of life. A happy child is one who enjoys learning and will fulfil his or her potential.

As Education Consultants we offer bespoke private tuition, a school search and placement service, assessments and workshops. Our services are personalised and confidential to meet your individual needs and requirements. We assist you and your family at every stage of your children’s education. Ultimately our goal is to provide a caring, trustworthy and dedicated service designed to equip, inspire and bring out the best in your children.


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Learn Happy London believes that for every child to be successful in education they need to learn with enjoyment, creativity and curiosity. Most importantly, we believe that being happy, untroubled and carefree leads to enjoyable and successful learning experiences.

We take a holistic view to learning. Our mission, therefore, is to help children perform to their very best. We want to help them develop confidence, resilience, and independence as well as a life long curiosity for learning.

Furthermore we want to support parents with our knowledge and expertise. Whilst the classroom can seem a bit ‘one size fits all’ we believe that with the right support and guidance parents can have the confidence to help their children learn in a way that suits them. 

Learning is more than just sitting at a table and completing worksheets. It is a process. That is to say it can be achieved through everyday conversation, play, reading and real life activities such as shopping. Learning, more often than not, should be child-led and structured in a way that benefits the child.

Ultimately the mental health, wellbeing and happiness of all children is paramount.


Gaby Azagury Education Consultant and tutorGABY AZAGURY – Founder and Education Consultant

Hi, I am Gaby and I am the founder of Learn Happy London. With almost 20 years extensive experience working in primary education I have developed a wealth of knowledge regarding the British Education system. I have an excellent understanding of the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

I was educated at Queens College London, read Psychology at London Metropolitan University and studied towards a PGCE in Primary Education at Roehampton University. My career spans from teaching experience within schools and as a tutor. I have worked with a wide variety of children of all abilities including those with special educational needs. Furthermore I have liaised with teachers and other professionals to plan, deliver and assess learning activities. In addition I have managed and led a variety of extra-curricular activities and taught French using La Jolie Ronde Methodology. Finally I have supported and advised many families, from different cultures and backgrounds, on how to help with their children’s learning at home. I appreciate the dedication, commitment, sensitivity and patience required to work with children.