About Learn Happy London


Ethos - Primary Education support, learning, Handwriting practice in private tutoring session
Learn Happy London believes that for every child to be successful 
in education they need to learn with enjoyment, creativity and curiosity. More importantly being happy, untroubled and carefree leads to enjoyable and successful learning experiences.

I take a holistic view to learning. My mission, therefore, is to help children perform to their very best. I want to help them develop confidence, resilience, and independence as well as a life long curiosity for learning.

In addition I want to support parents with my knowledge and expertise. Whilst the classroom can seem a bit ‘one size fits all’ I believe that with the right support and guidance parents can have the confidence to help with their children’s learning.

early years Learning initial sounds in Phonics
Learning is more than just sitting at a table and completing worksheets. It is a process. That is to say it can be achieved through everyday conversation, play, reading and real life experiences and activities. Learning, more often than not, should be child-led and structured in a way that benefits the child.

Ultimately the mental health, wellbeing and happiness of all children is paramount.