finding a good nursery school


We will Help Ease the Stress of Finding a Good Nursery

With increasing competition to get into a good nursery school, parents are planning their children’s entry into formal education earlier and earlier, in some cases even before their children are born. A good nursery school provides an excellent foundation for entry into pre-preps and primary schools. We therefore support and guide you throughout the process of nursery selection and placement.  Our consultants take into account the curriculum, ethos and styles of nurseries as well as yours and your children’s needs and requirements. We provide a shortlist and help narrow it down to the best nurseries for your child.

Early Years Assessment

To get an idea of your child’s educational potential we provide a gentle assessment consisting of games and activities. The aim is to know how well children interact, share, take turns and play with others. We also look at letter and number recognition and their ability to write their name and age. Following the assessment feedback is provided outlining strengths and areas for development. We offer the option of further sessions to help your child develop the skills nurseries look for. 

For more information about how we can assist you with your Nursery School search and to discuss your specific needs please do be in touch by emailing