School Advisory Service - Finding the right school for your child

Bespoke services aimed at families seeking advice AND SUPPORT regarding any aspect of their child’s education



We offer educational advice and support from assistance with School Admissions and Placements, Academic Assessments, Interview Preparation, Academic and Pastoral Mentoring, SEN support and Education Planning guidance.  

At Learn Happy London we seek to understand your aspirations for your children. Our aim is to remove any stress and concerns you may have and support you to give your children the best education possible. We want to ensure that you make the right decisions for their future. 

If you are a family who is relocating to London and looking for schools or want to switch schools or re-instate your children after a period of  homeschooling, we can help.





We help prepare your child at every stage of their educational journey. From nurseries, Pre-prep, prep, primary and secondary schools, we can help with school research, admissions, applications and school visits.


Is your child taking Common Entrance Exams at 11+ or 7+? Our Academic Assessments will ascertain their level attainment, strengths and areas for development. Get a personalised learning pack and explore options for further tuition.


Interview can be a nerve racking experience. We therefore help your children prepare for interviews at 7+, 8+ and 11+ and answer questions relating to their character and academic ability with confidence.


Dyspraxia? Dyslexia? Learning difficulties can be complex and challenging. Whether you need to understand more about your child's learning difficulties, get the right support in school or prepare for an EHCP meeting we can advise and support you to get the right support for your children to meet their needs and requirements.


Low Self-esteem? Lack of Confidence? Struggling to make friends? or nervous about starting a new school? Whatever your concerns Mentoring can help your children build confidence, manage their learning and develop belief in themselves and ultimately to reach their full potential.


Deciding what is best for your children's education can be hard and confusing. 7+ or 11+? Which GCSE subjects? State or Private Education? We can assist you to make the right decisions throughout your children's education to meet their needs and requirements.


We offer one off consultations to address any educational issues. Whatever the topic we can help you put your mind at rest and make the right decisions for your children.
Please get in touch to book a consultation either in person, via Zoom or by telephone.


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