Our Growth Mindset Workshop will help you tackle challenges, embrace mistakes and gain confidence


Our growth mindset workshop will help children to understand that their intelligence and abilities can be developed. They will focus on improvement instead of their belief of not being good enough. Growth mindset affects the way we think, learn and develop. 

Children who avoid doing things due to past failure, believe there is no point in trying and give up easily  have a fixed mindset. They can become discouraged and develop negative thoughts and feelings about how good they are at something  be it sports, school work or managing behaviour. With a fixed mindset it is believed that intelligence and abilities are fixed traits which we are born with and can’t do anything about.

However children who bounce back quickly from failure, explore different ways to improve their abilities such as practicing or using different methods have a growth mindset. With a growth mindset it is believed that intelligence and abilities can be improved through effort, persistence, trying different strategies and learning from mistakes. Children work harder, learn more and develop positive attitudes towards learning as well as know the importance of resilience, determination and perseverance. 

If your child has a difficult time doing anything that is a little challenging, tends to give up easily, doesn’t like making mistakes and has low self-esteem than this workshop is for them.


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