Workshops for Pre-Schoolers

Our fun and engaging workshops for pre-schoolers promote physical, musical and sensory development in a warm and enriching environment. Children will develop ¬†language skills and knowledge through the introduction of letters, numbers, shapes, animals amd more, games, songs and multi-sensory activities. With the emphasis being fun and enjoyment your children won’t even know they are learning. Parents will gain knowlegde and skills to support children at home.

Our small classes will allow for individual attention, gentle encouragement and plenty of praise.

Suitable for 3-5 year olds

Parents are encouraged to stay

Pre-school phonics workshops for children aged 3-5 years
1st November – 13th December 2.35pm – 3.20pm Every Thursday
Pre-school French for children aged 3- 4
1st November – 13th December 1.40pm – 2.25pm Every Thursday