school entry workshops for children

7+, 8+ and 11 + WORKSHOPS

When prepared and challenged children can rise to the challenge of school entry examinations with confidence

Our school entry study clubs will focus on the National Curriculum to reinforce learning, target weaknesses, help pupils to develop thinking skills as well as focus on study skills and exam techniques. Pupils will complete past papers under timed conditions.

English will focus on creative writing, comprehension skills and verbal reasoning. Pupils will learn how to plan and structure essays, use their imagination and develop their ideas as well as bring characters to life. Grammar and spelling will be reinforced.

Maths will focus on looking at new ways of learning mathematical concepts. Pupils will develop the ability to think and calculate quickly, revise times tables, apply the four number operations (+ – x and divide) accurately and have a fundemantal understanding of number relationships, measurement, mental arithmatic, geometry and data handling. Find out more about the 11+ Common Entrance Exam  and what is required.

11+ Study Club for 9 to 11 year olds
May Half Term 28th – 31st May 10am – 1pm



7+ and 8+ study club for children in year 1 - 3
Half Term – 23rd – 26th October 1pm – 3pm