SATs tuition preparation


Worried about SATs Tests? SATs Tuition we will help your children succeed with confidence


Why SATs Tests? Is SATs Tuition worth it? The purpose of SATs tests is to help teachers – and you – learn more about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers are able to compare how well your child is doing with their peers, both in their school and across the country. They also measure how much your child has improved from one Key Stage to another. 

SATs Tests are compulsory in KS1 for children in Year 2 and in KS2 for children in Year 6. Children are tested on what they have been learning at school. They will take SATs tests in reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and maths, which in Year 6 are marked externally. They will also be assessed by their teacher in speaking and listening, writing and science. These subjects are marked internally.

Although your child may become stressed over these tests it is important to know that it is not possilble fail. SATs tests simply reflect how well your child has understood what he or she has learned at school. The more relaxed your child is, the better he or she will perform.

If you feel your child needs the help and support of a tutor to prepare for his or her SATs tests, please do contact us