What is Pro-Bono Tutoring?

Pro-bono tutoring is offered to help improve attainment levels of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend state schools in London. It’s not-for-profit and is subsidised by Learn Happy London with small costs covered by Pupil Premium funding allocated to schools by the government.

We want to bring tutoring into schools for families who can’t afford to have tutoring privately. Our aim is to help children who are most in need of additional support outside the classroom. We want to remove any barriers that stand in the way of their academic success.

Why are we providing Pro-Bono Tutoring?

We want to make tutoring available to all children, more so now than ever before to address the impact of COVID 19 school closures on children and learning. Tutoring is hugely beneficial both academically and for children’s mental health and wellbeing.

According to the Sutton Trust at least 80% of disadvantaged pupils don’t have access to tuition due to families being financially constrained. Furthermore 34% of parents of 5-16 year olds don’t have computers, laptops or tablets at home for learning.

With tutoring, children will not only have the opportunity to catch-up and even surpass their peers. They will also have the opportunity to consolidate their learning, learn new skills and boost their confidence.

With class sizes in London and the UK being some of the largest in the world, attainment gaps are widening. We therefore encourage you to use Pupil Premium to bring tuition to your children.

Why Consider a Tutor?

We are always looking for new opportunities to reach out to families and schools who would benefit from the extra support a tutor can provide. Our tutors are highly experienced and hold up to date DBS checks.

        • We collaborate with schools and teachers to determine skills gaps and create clear plans for progress.
        • Create customised programmes to  meet students specific needs, interests, long term aims.
        • Deliver personalised tutoring sessions that target specific knowledge gaps either on a one to one basis or in small groups of up to 6 children.
        • Provide regular feedback and produce progress reports for each session.


If you are a school or know of a school who would benefit from tutoring and would like to find out more we would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to get in contact.


If you are an experienced tutor and would like to get involved with the scheme, please apply below.