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English is a central and compulsory subject of the National Curriculum in the UK. It not only paves the way for the development of other subjects in the curriculum, it forms an integral part of school entrance exams such as the 7+ and 11+. It is therefore one of the most commonly requested subjects for tutoring. 



English tutors at primary level support the development language skills, handwriting, phonics, creative writing, vocabulary development, grammar and reading. We aim to assist your child every step of the way and give them the confidence to use English reading and writing skills in the classroom, at home and in tests. Our tutors are experts of the EYFS, KS1 and KS2 curricula. 



Phonics tutors support the teaching of Phonics from Nursery to Year 2. It is the method used to teach children to read and write. It helps them hear, identify and use different sounds that distinguish one word from another. Phonics involves matching the sounds of spoken English with individual letters. Children learn the skills of ‘blending’ sounds together to make words, which helps with reading and ‘segmenting’ splitting words into their sound components to help with spelling and writing. We use the same phonics programme that children are taught at school to avoid confusion and support them with lots of fun games and activities. We prepare them for the phonics screening test which takes place at the end of Year 1.



Common entrance English tutors will support and guide your children through independent school exams. From the 7+ to 13+ exams children will have to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of set texts and keep their writing relevant to the question they are being asked. Mastering comprehension is important as it assesses children’s vocabulary, inference and evidence skills. They also have to have a clear understanding of the style, language and purpose of the text.

The 4+ entrance test for entry into reception is more about children’s social skills, their ability to share and take turns and their general behaviour and communication skills.



EAL refers to learners whose first language is not English. When learning a new language like English children will often go through a silent phase. However they will understand more than they can say, therefore silence is not a cause for concern.

We offer tutoring to young students who have relocated to London and parents who have limited english and find it hard to support their children’s learning. 

Lessons focus on conversational skills, speaking and listening as well as reading and writing. Lessons are bespoke and tailored to yours and your child’s individual needs.



We specialise in teaching pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and other learning difficulties. We provide tailored tuition to suit the students’ individual needs. As tutors we develop a tailored programme of tuition which often starts with an informal assessment. We also look at recent samples of work from school, IEP / EHCP plans and ask for feedback received from teachers.



We provide tutoring in Central London, in particular Kensington and Chelsea, Notting Hill, Maida Vale and other areas in Zone 1 and 2. If you live further afield we can still offer tutoring online or  at a more central location.


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