SATs tuition preparation


General Support 

Tuition can provide the attention, support and guidance needed for children to thrive academically at any stage. A positive educational experience  will no doubt inform a child’s attitude towards learning. At Learn Happy London we really love to see children develop confidence and enthusiasm and have seen some excellent achievements as a result.

A good tutor will be able to identify a child’s strengths and create an environment in which a child can try new things with confidence. Primary aged children often need variety and stimulation for their interests to be sparked, and our tutors are constantly strive to find methods to engage their students in new and interesting ways.

SATs Tutoring

SATs Tutoring can really help calm any nerves and ensure your child is able to perform to the best of their ability. SATs tests help teachers – and you – learn more about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers are able to compare how well your child has progressed relative to their peers. 

SATs Tests are compulsory in KS1 for children in Year 2 and in KS2 for children in Year 6. These tests are often the first formal tests a child sits during their time at school. They will take SATs tests in reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and maths, which in Year 6 are marked externally. They will also be assessed by their teacher in speaking and listening, writing and science.

it is important to know that it is not possilble fail. SATs tests simply reflect how well your child has understood what he or she has learned at school. 

If you feel your child needs the help and support of a tutor to prepare for his or her SATs tests, please do contact us

Special Educational Needs

Special educational needs tuitionAll children are unique and learn in different ways, however the challenges faced by those with special educational needs are far greater.  They can therefore really benefit from arrangements that take into account their specific educational needs. Students who find it considerably more difficult to access the national curriculum and take part in tests and exams may benefit from specialised private tuition.

We can give you the skills, knowledge and guidance to be able to support your child’s learning with confidence. Wherever possible, we try to work with school learning support teams to achieve the best results.