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Hi, Learn Happy London is run by me…Gaby. My goal is simple. I want every child to be happy, curious, love learning and thrive. I offer a variety of services from early years and primary tutoring to SATs, 4+, 7+, 8+ and 11+ exam preparation and SEN support and guidance. I also offer personalised educational advice and support regarding schools admissions and placements, homeschooling, mentoring and workshops.

My expertise in primary education will help your children maximise their potential, reach their goals and grow into well rounded happy young people


Phonics workshop for Parents , Teachers and Teaching Assistants
Understanding Phonics - 20th October - Book Now!
” Learn Happy London Tutor, Gaby, is very professional, friendly and inspires a great deal of confidence. D really enjoyed her sessions and without Gaby’s fun approach to learning and her warm demeanor , D would not have been ready to sit her school entrance exams and gain entry into her first choice school.”
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Personalised teaching allows children to learn at their own pace at a level suitable for their individual needs. I provide private tutoring from Early Years to KS3 including SATs preparation. In addition I offer 4+, 7+, 8+ and 11+ school entrance exam preparation.


Finding the right school for your child can be overwhelming.With my School Advisory service I will help you make the right decisions with confidence throughout your children's education. I will assist you with school admissions, applications, assessments and transitions.


These are a unique way to help your child feel more confident with their learning. As a result of accurate assessments, I can devise a personalised learning plan with resources to meet your child's needs and requirements.


Learn about the National Curriculum and how it is taught in Primary Schools in London and the UK. You can gain up-to-date knowledge and skills to support your children with confidence. Learn how to make learning a fun and positive experience for both you and your child

Is Your Child experiencing any of the following?

Falling behind due to a lack of teaching support

A lack of confidence and motivation

Learning needs not being met

Suffering from Anxiety

Struggling to make friends

Has a learning difficulty such as Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or anything else

How I Can Help

I recognise and understand that every child learns differently in a style and pace that suits them. That is why I make sure to create engaging and personalised learning experiences. With my nurturing approach I focus on your child’s unique needs. I take the time and patience needed to build a rapport with warmth and confidence. My aim is to build trust, self-esteem and self-belief. It is once children are confident, happy and believe in themselves that academic progress can be made.



News, Tips, UK Education Advice, and More…

Explore and learn about the world of Education in the UK with my Blog. Learn Happy Education Consultancy in London will bring you up to date information, top tips and advice. Our topics will range from private tutoring, health and wellbeing, early years and primary curriculum expectations, special educational needs and school admissions process. In short I will bring you new and innovative ideas to inspire and get children excited about learning.

Self-regulation skills and managing emotions

Emotions Matter

We all experience situations in life which elicit emotional responses, whether it’s being unable to do something, being spoken to in a way we don’t

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Considering what is best for your children’s education can be quite overwhelming

Is your child struggling at school? Does your child have special educational needs? Perhaps you are confused about the schools admissions process? Or is the pressure of school entrance exams too stressful?  Read the full article here

The Parents Directory, 2019




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