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We assist you to support your children with their learning and wellbeing at home. We seek to understand your aspirations for your children’s education and remove any stress or concerns you may have. We will support you to give your children the best education possible. We want to ensure you make the right decisions for their future.

We offer a School Advisory Service to support you with your school search from research, application support and school visits. Furthermore we offer online workshops based on the National Curriculum and how to manage your children’s educational needs and wellbeing. Meet other parents, who just like you, are looking for support, and discover how to make learning a fun and positive experience for you and your family. 

Our Parent Consultations are a great a way to connect on a one to one basis and talk through any issues you may have. Consultations are offered either online, via Zoom, or face to face.

With our educational expertise and experience as well as understanding and empathy, we get the struggle parents face trying to be heard to get their children’s educational needs met. 


our services


We help prepare your child at every stage of their educational journey. From nursery, pre-prep, prep, primary and secondary schools, we can help with school research, admissions, applications and school visits.


Learn about the National Curriculum and how to manage your children's educational needs and wellbeing. Gain up to date knowledge and skills to support your children with confidence.


Our consultations are a great way to connect and discuss any concerns, queries or questions you may have regarding your child’s education and wellbeing . It’s your time to discuss whatever is on your mind and get the support you need to make the right decisions with confidence. Some common topics that parents often want to discuss with us are:

Curriculum and Learning Progress

Emotional Wellbeing

SEND eg: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or ASD etc

Transition and Common Entrance Exam Preparation