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Learn Happy London believes that for every child to be successful in education they need to learn with enjoyment, creativity and curiosity. More importantly being happy, untroubled and carefree leads to enjoyable and successful learning experiences.

We take a holistic view to learning. Our  mission, therefore, is to help children perform to their very best. We help them develop confidence, resilience, and independence as well as a life long curiosity for learning.

In addition we support parents to understand how the National Curriculum is taught in schools, Special Educational Needs and getting children’s needs met and how to support children’s learning at home.. Whilst the classroom can seem a bit ‘one size fits all’ we believe that with the right support and guidance parents can have the confidence to be involved with their children’s learning.

Learning goes far beyond just sitting at a table and completing worksheets. It is a process. That is to say it can be achieved through everyday conversation, play, reading and real life experiences and activities. Learning, more often than not, should be child-led and structured in a way that benefits the child.

Ultimately  the mental health, wellbeing and happiness of all children is paramount.

Child Learning and education support. Find out about Learn Happy London and how we can support you and your children's educational needs

Hi, I'm Gaby and I run Learn Happy London

BSc Hons Psychology, London Metropolitan University, PGCE Primary Education, Roehampton University 

My background is in Primary Education. I have worked in schools across London and as a private tutor for many years. The first time I set foot in a classroom was back in 2004 and I loved it! Working as a TA, LSA and teacher over the years has provided me with great experience and wonderful memories. I am passionate about learning and child development. 

My interests in Psychology and Education stem from my own personal experiences growing up. I had a difficult education and struggled at school. It was when I was studying towards my PGCE that I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia. Having a specific learning difficulty has helped me understand myself as a person. It has also given me a greater insight and empathy towards to pupils with SEND. All too often children who are slower than their peers, have difficulty with concentration and emotional regulation are often labelled as lazy or disruptive. I, therefore, always try to take a positive approach to find ways that they can learn best. It is extremely rewarding to see the progress children make with the right support and guidance in place, especially for those with SEND who find learning and the school environment challenging.

‘It is OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.’

Throughout my career I have worked with a wide variety of children of all abilities including those with special educational needs. I liaised with teachers and other professionals to plan, deliver and assess learning activities. In addition, I managed and led a variety of extra-curricular activities and taught French using La Jolie Ronde Methodology. Furthermore I supported and advised many families from different cultures and backgrounds regarding their children’s education.

child learning and educational support, Find out about Learn Happy London and how we can support you and your children throughout their education