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Mentoring is a powerful tool which we use to help children and young people manage their learning and maximise their potential.

A supportive learning relationship between a mentor and child is about listening with empathy, asking the right questions and guiding children and young people to make the right decisions for themselves. Our aim is to instill confidence, develop self-esteem and  enrich their education.

The purpose of mentoring is to help children and young people develop awareness, motivation for learning, confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately it is to help children and young people have belief in themselves and their abilities.


confidence and self-esteem mentoring and coaching for children


Depending on your child’s requirements for mentoring it is recommended to start off with regular slots, at least once a week, with a view of reducing sessions when your children is ready. 

Whatever your goal, whether it is academic and you want your child to pass their 11+ to get into a specific school or personal; they may want to make new friends but not sure how, mentoring can provide empathy, compassion and encouragement for children to meet target and achieve their goals.

Mentoring is a powerful tool to help children through transition periods, whether that is the prospect of having a new teacher, moving from KS1 to KS2, going to a new school or leaving primary to go to secondary school, such transitions can be a huge source of anxiety for children. Having a mentor can help ease nerves and reduce anxiety.


If you think your child could benefit from having mentoring please enquire by completing  the form below