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"My 6 year old son is very active and needs a lot of structure. Gaby created a visual lesson plan which not only got him involved in his llessons but kept him on task. With English being his least favourite subject Gaby not only managed his difficult behaviour but showed a huge amount of patience and understanding. She even recommended a visual timetable to manage his daily tasks before and after school. We are aiming to prepare Toby for the 8+ entrance exams. With Gaby's help and support we are confident that he will pass."
M. Sippland
"My son, who is 9 yrs old, has mild special needs and at present is spending the academic year in France. Upon contacting Gaby, she suggested an interview. I outlined my requirements and that I wanted her to teach English, Maths and French. Gaby took on board my sons lack of concentration and prepared her lessons to include short breaks and a visual schedule for my son to refer to. Her lessons covered a range of tasks and her French work was very creative. I consider Gaby to be professional and easy to relate to. I would have no hesitation in recommneding her tutoring services to anyone."
Primary education, private tutoring and education consultancy
"Gaby tutored my son, who is in Year 6 and helped prepare him for his SATs tests. She assessed him to find out his levels and addressed his difficulties. As a result of Gaby’s tuition my son did really well in his SATs and is now starting secondary school in the school of his choice. I am very pleased with Gaby."
Primary education, private tutoring and education consultancy
Mrs F
"We sought a tutor for our son to help prepare him for his 7+ entrance exams. Gaby is a great tutor who is caring, organised and invested. She has shown real committment and was devoted to my son's education. She planned appropriate tasks and activities, addressed areas of difficulty and praised and rewarded him when appropriate."
Primary education, private tutoring and education consultancy
Mrs Fahri
"Gaby has been tutoring my daughter, who is in year 1, for over a year. She helps her with homework and plans extra activities to address any difficulties. She has a great way with children and my daughter enjoys her lessons. Gaby has given excellent tuition and has instilled confidence in my daughter
Primary education, private tutoring and education consultancy
Mrs S.B
Interior Designer
Mrs K "We originally sought a tutor for our daughter to help prepare her for he 4+ entrance test for private school. Gaby has proved to be brilliant. Lucy is not only able to write her name but is beginning to know her sounds and recognizes letters and numbers. As well as Phonics and handwriting skills Gaby reads stories and plays games with Lucy, questioning and encouraging her to talk about what she is doing. Thanks to Gaby, Lucy passed her 4+ and is starting at Queens Gate school, our first choice scho
Primary education, private tutoring and education consultancy
Mrs Anderson