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Private Tutoring

As private tutors in London we are committed to providing a dedicated service by giving parents and children educational support. We will support your children to reach their full potential, pass public and school entry exams and get their target grades.

We provide tuition at all stages of your children’s education from Early Years, KS1, KS2,  KS3 and GCSE. Our lessons are fun, interactive and personalised to meet your children’s needs and learning styles.

Private tuition in London
Education consultancy and tutoring in London

Where We Work

We are based in West London, Shepherds Bush and can easily commute in Central and West London. We offer face to face tutoring in Central London, within Zone 1 and online tutoring worldwide. Find out more about the areas we cover.



We Talk to you

We talk to you to find out about your requirements and any goals you may have in terms of your children's education. We make sure personalise our tutoring sessions to meet your children's needs and learning styles..

We assess your children

As well as looking at your children's latest school report, any SEN documents ie: an EHCP and samples of any work, we assess your children to gauge their strengths and areas for development.

Follow-Up Consultation

Following the assessments, a follow-up consultation is booked to discuss feedback and discuss targets for upcoming tutoring sessions

Tutoring Begins

For Private Tutoring to be successful, the child and tutor, need to get to know each other and build a rapport. We therefore ask that you to commit for a minimum of 1 month before making any decisions. Lessons are planned with your children's areas for development and targets in mind.


Online Tutoring is a good alternative to face to face tutoring and has  some great benefits.

Flexible and efficient

Online Tutoring can be organised from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

engaging & interactive

It can be fun, engaging and interactive with the multitude of learning aids and resources available online

encourages independence

Independence promotes confidence, good self-esteem as well as perseverance and motivation

cost effective

As there is no need to travel and children can study in the comfort of their own home Online tuition is more cost effective.

Online tutoring for children