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Summer Learning Fun

Summer Learning is vital and with the summer holidays fast approaching, now is the time to think about ways to keep your child’s brains stimulated. During the 6 week break it is a well-known fact that children will forget a lot of what has been learnt during the academic year. In order to prevent children falling behind it is important to keep them focused on their learning so that they can go back to school prepared, refreshed and ready to start the new academic year.

Therefore as much as holidays are for resting, relaxing and having fun, it is important to find a balance between keeping your child’s brain stimulated and allowing them to enjoy the summer holiday.


10 Tips to Keep your children’s brain stimulated!

  • Encourage your children to read everyday. A good way to do this is to take part in a Summer Reading Challenge at your local library.
  • Encourage writing by keeping a summer journal, writing birthday cards, and postcards home etc
  • Get puzzle books from your local newsagents. Puzzles, word searches, anagrams and crosswords  are a great way to practice maths and spellings skills.
  • Have a family games night to play games such as Monopoly Jr, Connect 4, Bananagrams, scrabble Jr, Snakes and Ladders and Boggle etc.
  • Use Ipads – there are plenty of educational apps out there
  • Get a Summer Tutor, although a more formal approach, tuition is a great way to incorporate learning and prepare your children for the next academic year.
  • Holidays in the UK or abroad are great for learning new things, historical facts, museum trips, day trips, foreign languages, converting money, shopping etc
  • Use your child’s end of term report for guidance. As well as improvements and progress made there will be some areas for development.
  • Stay active by allowing your children to go outside, ride a bike, grow plants, play football etc
  • Have fun, enjoy your family time and relax!

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